What is the most important skill to succeed in the 21st century?

Social and Emotional Learning (SEL) skills.

But what is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)?

It's all about understanding your own and other's emotions, managing them well and making decisions that lead you towards a more fulfilling life.

Be it at work, at home or in social circles

it’s what we do with our emotions that can make or break our relationships, and our definition of success.

But why is it the NEED of the hour?

Because our kids are suffering:

  1. competition and stress
  2. Bullying in schools
  3. Social media comparisons
  4. Peer pressure
  5. Changes in body

Let’s equip kids with the right tools To lead a happy life in this world so tough!

So, when is the right time to learn SEL skills?

The day you get to know about them!

We, at Kid’s Fable, are dedicated in offering FUN, RESEARCH-BASED, HABIT-ORIENTED techniques in enhancing your and your little one’s emotional intelligence.

What We Offer


Online classes on life skills-

Designed by child counsellors and parenting coaches on topics like empathy, goal-setting, time management, stress-management, compassion, mindfulness, and many more


Psychometric tests-

For assessment of current level of Emotional Quotient, key strengths, core values


Community of like-minded parents-

Blogs/ parenting tips/ workshops/ discussions to address key challenges of parenting


Team of coaches, counsellors and mentors-

For one-to-one sessions where kids can find a safe space to address their issues, heal past traumas and build resilience

Why US?

From parents to their kids, we have the resources to motivate, inspire and educate.

  1. Expertise in social emotional development.
  2. Focused on overall wellbeing of your kid.
  3. Parents involved
  4. We make learning a fun process.
  5. Minute batches
  6. Worksheets and activities for home

With a dedicated team of professionals that are passionate to change the way kids are prepared to deal with the world and manage the influences that they might not have control over.

Want to check out our kid-friendly approach? Take a look at the safe space Kids Fable has created exclusively for you.

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